Havertys Furniture

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McMillan Pazdan Smith provides design services for in-store remodels, building conversions, and ground-up buildings for various locations of Havertys Furniture. The designs reflect Havertys’ desire to tailor the shopping experience and merchandise presentation to reflect a shifting series of buying patterns. Each location is unique and reflects the original building’s architectural design.

Case Study: Columbiana (Columbia, SC)
In 2017, our retail design team was tasked with the major renovation and second floor addition to a space for a new Havertys Furniture on Harbison Boulevard. The creation of a two-story atrium surrounded by translucent glass panel railing systems creates a sense of openness, bringing natural daylight deep within the building’s core. This feature, in conjunction with an off-white-painted ceiling and decorative pendant fixtures, make the space feel residential instead of industrial in character.

As the customer enters the vestibule they reach a designated “Point of Choice,” where they may gain the assistance of a sales associate as they browse, or proceed directly to a readily accessible Guest Services area. Flooring materials and patterns create implied aisles to influence traffic through furnishing vignettes. Wayfinding is influenced by open sightlines across and between floors, enhanced by translucent glass railings encircling the atrium. Specialty lighting fixtures highlight points of interest to attract the eye and draw the customer to explore. Flooring materials also vary to create a sense of discovery as one enters a new area.

The lighting and wayfinding programs were interconnected, with specialty fixtures highlighting points of interest on the customer journey. The lighting strategy consists of a grid of downlight canisters supplemented by tracks of adjustable spotlights. A target footcandle level was achieved that created uniform brightness without creating dark patches. The design of the lighting and HVAC systems conformed to the requirements of HV Terra, a comprehensive energy management system that monitors utility usage across multiple Havertys stores. By monitoring energy consumption at the corporate level, the performance of individual stores can be benchmarked, ultimately resulting in lower overhead costs.