Prisma Health, Verdae Phase II Medical Office

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Verdae Phase II is a sister project to the Internal Medicine Associates (IMA) building in the Verdae planned development of Greenville. With the ever-increasing need for primary care, our team was hired to design a new 60,000 SF medical office building to move all non-primary care practices from the existing IMA building and allow for expansion of the internal medicine practice in the existing footprint. The new facility includes urgent care, imaging, lab, procedural pre-assessment (Surgical Patient Medical Home), OBGYN, gastroenterology, bariatric, and minimally invasive surgery.

To maximize space, reduce operating cost, and make the practice efficient and effective, the building has been designed with shared waiting and reception spaces on each floor. Upon entry, patients are met with a friendly face to personally assist with the check-in/registration, or digital kiosks are provided if the patient prefers. Additionally, there are shared break rooms, staff support space, and meeting areas in the building to add additional efficiencies in the program. By sharing resources and space, we can assist our client in reducing cost by reducing square footage needed to support the practices — and still allow flexibility as census levels ebb and flow.