Clemson University, Edgar Brown Library Lab

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Clemson University commissioned McMillan Pazdan Smith to facilitate an accelerated schedule to transform the Edgar Brown Room into a new, first of its kind, Digital Resources Laboratory in the R.M. Cooper Library. 42 years after the Edgar Brown Room’s inaugural dedication in 1971, Clemson University has partnered with Dell and the National Science Foundation to develop and implement a first-of-its-kind multidisciplinary, multipurpose meeting space focused on enabling Clemson students and researchers from all academic disciplines with the very latest technologies in high-performance computing, remote collaboration, and information visualization. The Digital Resources Laboratory (DRL) is a bold first step for Clemson in creating new learning spaces on campus where all members of the campus community are invited to both learn about advanced computing technologies as well as use those technologies to enhance teaching and research. The room features:

  • A large visualization wall comprising fifteen 46” high-definition displays
  • A 16-node computational cluster for simulation, data processing, and general computation
  • A 5-node dedicated visualization cluster for image processing and rendering
  • A software-defined networking switch for high-performance network operations and data transfer
  • Very high-bandwidth network connection to the campus network
  • Very high-bandwidth direct access to the internet outside the campus network
  • Very high-bandwidth network connection to the Palmetto cluster
  • Laptops for 16 students; software customization will be available
  • Network and video connections in the floor for students to share their work
  • High-definition video conferencing system
  • Side-by-side projectors for dual input projection onto large refinished wall surface
  • Reconfigurable and removable furniture (tables and chairs)