SEW-Eurodrive, Fitness Center

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This is the fourth project on which our firm and Harper General Contractors have teamed together for SEW-Eurodrive. The 10,500 SF building has a 6,500 SF fitness center with top-of-the line stationary bikes, elliptical machines, treadmills, weightlifting machines, free-weights, and other exercise equipment. In addition, an expansive training room is provided for employee improvement programs and other functions where sizable gatherings are needed. Both the lobby and the fitness center have garage doors that extend the useable footprint. The space can open onto the lawn and front plaza area for added flexibility.

Large windows and glass doors along with clerestory windows flood the interior with natural light. The fitness center also has large circulation fans, powered by SEW motors, to keep the space cool and comfortable. The building exterior is made with insulated precast concrete panels and is painted to match the adjacent manufacturing area. The front entrance to the fitness center opens onto a spacious plaza that ties into the main administration building entrance on the multi-building campus.