Prisma Health, Hybrid Operating Room

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The 1,100 SF Hybrid Operating Room (OR) combines conventional surgery with interventional procedures, without interruption. The Hybrid OR contains additional support space such as a new control room oversized to allow observation by medical students during surgeries, a staging area, and an equipment room for major support equipment. The control room is sized to support the independent nature of the suite and provides a sterile core that services the Hybrid OR. It houses the mobile cath and OR storage cabinets, freeing the OR of items that restrict staff and work flow.

The plan includes a separate staff entry point from the main corridor into the control room, and design features such as the monitoring and system storage / supply alcove allow staff to assist without impeding the main working area. This design consideration alleviates the likelihood of collision between staff and support equipment such as ceiling mounted medical and monitoring booms. A new HVAC system, located on the roof, contains special isolation to prevent vibration in the room.

An additional PACU renovation was also included in this project for a combined renovated area of 7,080 TSF.