MUSC West Ashley Campus, Medical Pavilion

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Our MPS design team worked with the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) and developed a design to convert the former JCPenney department store to an outpatient center. The location in West Ashley capitalizes on an abundance of parking, and the opportunity to provide healthcare services in a suburban revitalization that will bring jobs to the community.

Making use of available daylight in a former retail setting was a challenge due to the size and shape of the building. We strategically placed new openings along the exterior as well as celebrated the existing clerestory volume located in the middle of the space. The developed “concourse” provides wayfinding and shared daylight while also connecting the space back to the mall. Centralized check-in and self check-in kiosks help address the changing care model and patient experience — patients will also be able to “arrive” in the decentralized waiting rooms. The facility houses approximately 48 exam rooms.

With so many varying functions under one roof, MUSC felt it paramount to allow patient populations to be decentralized to remove the old Mass Waiting Room stigma. A concierge function and staff member creates a more customer-focused approach to care.