Western Carolina Hunter Library Master Plan

Western Carolina University selected McMillan Pazdan Smith to Master-Plan the Hunter Library to identify opportunities for increased capacity, functionality and efficiency, increased seating capacity for 1100+ users, more collaborative, group study space, additional computers, and more staff work space; while incorporating flexibility to adapt to future technologies and library offerings. Additionally, the Library asked the firm to address the entrances into the building and consider reinstating an entry at the front of the building.

The firm’s final report resulted in significant increases in the Library and achieved the following results within the current occupied space:

• Increased collection capacity by over 600 DF shelving units
• Increased from 15 to 34 collaborative small group study rooms
• Increased from 22 to 32 individual study rooms
• Added 2 additional computer labs
• Increased from 948 to 1132 total student seats
• Increased view for security throughout the library
• Consolidated and expanded staff work areas
• Consolidated Circ/Help desk with centralized view of existing and new library entrance