State College of Florida Bradenton Library

In association with Williamson Dacar Associates

The State College of Florida chose McMillan Pazdan Smith and Williamson Dacar Associates to design their brand new two-story library at their campus in Bradenton, FL. The 70,000 SF building will be situated at the center of the School’s campus, adjacent to the Neel Performing Arts Center. Planned to better accommodate computers and technology, the new Library and Learning Center will include flexible spaces that can be redesigned to meet changing needs over time.

The exterior of the building has generous picture windows on the north and south sides with a walkup canopy leading to the entrances. On the north side, a balcony overlooks a courtyard from the hub connecting students to nature and the outdoors. Inside, the new lobby incorporates an atrium with tiered seating which can be used as a gathering space to accommodate lectures and other events; and nearby, a café area, meeting rooms, a seminar room, and archive rooms. The library also includes a knowledge commons; concierge service; and multi-purpose rooms accessible to the community for events. The knowledge commons has access floors and allows the library to have flexibility in changing the power and data locations based on the spatial layout. This space includes several Group Study Rooms around the perimeter and many collaborative spaces with a variety of seating types in the center.