Spartanburg District Seven Athletic Complex

Spartanburg School District 7 sought the creativity and experience of McMillan Pazdan Smith to solve a difficult problem: growing athletic department needs with limited space and money.  Believing that athletics are a vital complement to a healthy academic life, the district asked for a comprehensive plan that restored the balance between the physical and intellectual well-being of high school students while inviting the community to participate as learners, players and spectators.

McMillan Pazdan Smith’s comprehensive plan created a well-ordered system of carefully designed fields for physical education, intramural games, inter-scholastic sports and extended community uses.  Fields that had been previously overused were resurfaced with state-of-the-art artificial turf that extended play throughout the day, week and year, making it easy to conduct football practice in the afternoon and play soccer in the evening.  The artificial turf also allowed for the addition of new sports such as lacrosse.

Utilizing Best Sustainable Practices and despite financial constraints, McMillan Pazdan Smith was able to include six new tennis courts, a new tennis viewing area for fans, three new multi-purpose fields, new concession stands, a new press box, wireless scoreboards and a well-lit pedestrian avenue called Viking Way.