SEW Eurodrive, Smart Factory

The sixth project for SEW-Eurodrive is the design of a new 250,000 SF production and assembly plant to expand their existing campus. This facility will incorporate principals of Industry 4.0, which includes automation, integration, and interlinking of manufacturing and assembly processes digitally through networked production. Our long-standing relationship with SEW make us uniquely qualified to understand their needs and culture. Our design team is working to integrate the new building into the overall campus, developing a functional, economical design which also provides special features to give its own identity on campus.

The building includes a production and assembly area, warehouse space, shipping and receiving zones, and product development labs. Additional space includes open concept offices, conference rooms, breakrooms, and collaboration spaces located on a second floor mezzanine overlooking the production area. The double height lobby is the design focus of the building, creating a unique and representative entrance to the facility. It is designed to serve many functions, including exhibitions, meeting space, and teaching space for customers and employees.

The building envelope will be constructed of sandblasted precast concrete wall panels with stained and textured accent areas. Entrances will include wood accents to create warmth and add character to the large building. To provide continuity and a sense of brand identity, the same wood accents will be incorporated on the inside of the building. A plaza area with outside seating will connect the new plant to the Maxolution Showroom, a building that completes the expansion of the campus.