Senior Living

McMillan Pazdan Smith recognizes that the Industry, Culture, Regulations, and Resident Expectations are ever-evolving and continuously changing in the way we house our aging population, so constant awareness of industry needs and these changes are of utmost importance in this expanding sector. Our reputation is built upon evidence-based design with sound project management skills and personal attention to detail.

Taking into account the needs of a Resident Centered environment, up-to-date research, provider operational needs, and extensive and varied regulations we strive to find a balance to provide the best solution so our clients can continue to provide the best care and accommodations for the residents that we serve.

From a large CCRC to a small Short-term Rehab addition, our talented and dedicated group designs to the specific needs of the population within the confines of our clients’ operational parameters to create environments and living experiences that engage and enrich the health and spirit of the residents. Our design process involves a collaboration with our client where conventions may be questioned in order to find innovative, yet practical solutions to common problems in order to provide a warm, home-like atmosphere while ensuring functional needs are met.

Our Senior Living Team has experience with many different types and acuity levels of our aging population including Skilled Nursing and Long-term Care, Short-term Care and Rehabilitation, Hospice, Memory Care, Adult Day-care and PACE, Assisted Living Facilities, Wellness Centers and Independent Living Residences.