Multi-Family & Mixed Use

Deeply embedded in the DNA of McMillan Pazdan Smith is the quest to contribute to urban life by helping to create a strong and cohesive “sense of place.” This elusive attribute of our towns and cities as significant settings in which to live, work and play is built upon a careful assessment of the higher qualities of local conditions. As our settlements evolve to adopt improved circulation patterns, adjust to ever changing demographic concerns and reflect emerging market demands the contribution of architectural and urban design seems clear: to provide continuity, stability and promise in an ever changing urban scene.

Nowhere is the radical transformation of “the urban scene” more pronounced that in the southeastern region of our country where civic leaders, developers and design professionals have worked in close cooperation to envision livable, balanced community environments. Essential to realizing this phenomenon is the design and construction of multi-family and mixed use dwelling groups that are carefully planned to integrate residents into “lifestyle buildings” that take advantage of their close proximity to adjacent amenities and activities.