We know libraries. Libraries showcase and reflect a community’s ideals. They have always been and continue to be the intellectual center of the city or the campus. However, the library’s role in today’s culture has changed, particularly in the way people interact with them. While they still offer access to knowledge and information, they have transformed from, what was once book repositories into interactive social meeting places equipped with state-of-the-art technologies that foster collaborative activities and learning.

McMillan Pazdan Smith stands alone among library programmers, planners and architects in the Southeast, and much of the nation. With over 90 library projects in our history, we currently have active commissions spanning the country from Florida to California. Whether small college libraries or large research university libraries, local branch renovations or new headquarters, our extensive experience with library planning and design represents a strong history and deep knowledge of library design principles, best practices and evolving service models. We understand learning commons and student centers just as well as we understand how the vastly different programming requirements of Teens and Children compared to Adults. As buildings, libraries must respond to converging demands for evolving technologies and infrastructure, adaptability and flexibility, sustainability and energy efficiency as well as capacity and functionality.