Dorman High School Athletics

The Paul M. Dorman High School multipurpose Arena and Football Stadium are among the best in the country for high schools and rivals those at many colleges. Featuring 10,000 seats, the stadium risers are cast-in-place concrete, on grade, with a grass bank for extra seating.

The Arena accommodates 3,000 spectators and only requires 14 rows of seating from the playing court. Site lines are therefore excellent, and special lighting provides coverage that is completely even in intensity. Special features include a sophisticated digital video-sound system for assemblies and concerts with excellent acoustics and a running track around the area’s upper perimeter.

Other sport amenities include a lighted softball and baseball fields, separate soccer fields sharing their own soccer stadium and a separate field dedicated to track events. Booster club sales have skyrocketed, with permanent seating licenses selling to 2,000 Dorman Cavalier fans. The strong tradition of athletics, coupled with remarkable recreational facilities, has renewed excitement, pride and a positive momentum for the community.