Clemson University Penley Golf Clubhouse

Clemson University tapped McMillan Pazdan Smith’s extensive athletic facility design experience when the Athletic Department decided to implement the next phase of the golf program’s master plan.  The design of the Larry B. Penley, Jr. Golf Clubhouse, was strategically important in creating a competitive recruiting environment for Clemson’s nationally recognized men’s golf program and the establishment of the women’s program.

Following the program’s first national NCAA Championship Title and the PGA success of several recent alumni, McMillan Pazdan Smith’s design created an amenity that showcases the program’s success, accommodates the men’s team locker and training facilities, hosts donor events, features an indoor putting green and serves as a recruiting destination.

Visible from the heart of the university’s athletic district, the three story, 7,600 SF, brick clad structure sits between a scenic river basin and a heavily wooded hill adjacent to the program’s driving range and short game practice area.  The central form features wrap-around porches and a metal roof, recalling the stately architecture of Southern golf clubhouse facilities and utilizing practical sun shading and other sustainable strategies.