Walterboro Wildlife Center Complete and Open for Socially-Distanced Visits

Jul 28, 2020 | Projects

The City of Walterboro’s new Wildlife Center is complete and ready for visitors! The project took a 1960’s car dealership purchased by the City in 2012 and re-purposed in to a 7,000 SF Wildlife Center, an awesome new amenity for residents and visitors alike. The building is an interactive experiential center, complete with an outdoor learning lab that functions as a classroom, ample green space, and an amphitheater designed to accommodate an array of events. To integrate the design within the unique aesthetic of downtown, the front of the building was wrapped with a new screening element to expand its street presence, create a vertical element at the entrance, and tie the mid-century building design into the more traditional courthouse design across the street.

The building serves as an educational and engaging focal point in the heart of Walterboro. To learn more about the Center, be sure to check out the City’s website here!