Recent Library Design Includes Drive-Thru Pick-up Window

Mar 23, 2021 | Projects

Five Forks Library Design includes Drive-Thru

With libraries serving a large proportion of at-risk individuals during COVID-19, library renovations, such as the addition of drive-thru service at this library, may become more common.  

We enjoyed designing the Five Forks Library in our own backyard. The library opened in 2018 with a drive-thru materials return. Now, Five Forks also offers pickup via drive-thru to optimize convenience for library users in this Greenville County suburb.  

The drive-thru is an integral part of the staff workroom, enabling them to seamlessly float between pick-up distribution, returns processing, and other tasks. Patrons can reserve materials online and pick them up during library hours without ever stepping foot in the building. Typically deemed a convenience service, more users are becoming accustomed to the benefit of drive-thru amenities since COVID-19 has pushed libraries to modify operations and provide labor intensive curb-side service pickups to remain accessible.  

Instead of providing reserved materials within the building, at risk populations can have convenient access to this library’s resources without entering a public space. We think this investment is worth consideration for all public libraries moving forward.