Presbyterian College – School of Pharmacy

Nov 14, 2011 | Projects

A community- focused opportunity for a new School of Pharmacy at Presbyterian College also represented design challenges such as a building with little or no record drawings, low floor to floor ceiling heights, an outdated mechanical system and no insulation. Originally built as a hotel in the city’s central business district, the college desired optimum use of the existing building without spending money on additional construction. An aggressive completion schedule was met to welcome a new class of graduates with anticipated growth to 300 students.

Through restrictive layout and existing conditions, the college and design team worked collaboratively to program 54,000 SF into classrooms, labs and lecture halls to support experiential learning opportunities through the latest in technology and hands-on interactive spaces. The design includes problem-based small group study areas, models of retail and clinical pharmacies and interactive case method lecture areas to serve groups of 100. Information Management was critical to the design as were layout and location of patient assessment labs, IV preparation labs and wet and dry laboratories to support both Biopharmaceutical and Pharmacy practice departments. A Pharmacy Clinic provides prescription dispensing, medication storage and video recording to support clinic and counseling areas. The project is an economic development and community asset that provides an exceptional educational environment for Presbyterian’s new graduate program.