Mixed-Use, Design Restoration of Historic 1 West Main Street

Mar 9, 2021 | Projects

One of the oldest buildings in Buford, GA, is 1 West Main Street (dating back to the 1800’s as the original town hotel). Over the past 130 years, the site has seen significant changes, but in its current form is underutilized and in need of substantial renovation. With MPS’s assistance, our clients hope to change that.

The City of Buford, well known in North Georgia for its successful school system and proximity to Lake Lanier, is looking to add vibrancy to its historic downtown. 1 West Main will be a critical component to perceiving an active downtown. We are currently re-envisioning the building to provide Main Street level retail / restaurant space and upper floor office space. The alley-facing basement will also be reworked to reactivate the rear of the building and provide more usable commercial space.

Historically significant sites have their challenges, and this one will require our team to pay special attention to the design of accessibility, egress, and modern structural requirements — while providing good design that will help re-invigorate Buford’s Main Street.

1 West Main, Rendering