Jackson County’s New Animal Shelter Going Up in Unique Location

Jul 20, 2021 | Press, Projects

Construction of Jackson County’s new animal shelter is coming right along! Replacing the current shelter, the new building will provide much needed services for the humane treatment and care of both dogs and cats in the area. The building also includes space for animal-related nonprofit groups serving this North Carolina County.

Working closely with Jackson County, MPS is also developing improvements to the Green Energy Park along the rest of the site that will use methane from a previously closed landfill to fuel not only artist studios, but provide heat and hot water to the new rescue center.

Our team is also working to develop the rest of the campus to include walking trails, a picnic area, restroom facility, and storage. Stay tuned for more updates as this community project progresses.

Read more about the new shelter on News13 WLOS, here.