Asheville Expands Affordable Housing Over the Next Two Years

Feb 16, 2021 | Press, Projects

We first opened our Asheville office in 2009 to not only better serve our North Carolina clients, but also aid in shaping the local community. Years of working in the area have provided us with a unique perspective on the City’s needs, especially with regards to affordable housing. That’s why we’re excited to be a part of Asheville’s affordable housing growth plan with the design of three new multi-family apartment complexes: Maple Crest (formerly Lee Walker Heights), 319 Biltmore, and Ironwood Apartments. Maple Crest, in association with David Baker Architects, will provide an additional 212 units available to a mixed-income community. 319 Biltmore, in association with Homes Urban, is planned to begin construction in 2022 and will add an additional 75 units, and Ironwood Apartments will bring 49 more units. To learn more about Asheville’s plan for increased affordable housing over the next two years, read the full article on the Asheville Citizen Times.