10 Things to Ask Your Interior Designer Before A Project Begins

May 23, 2016 | Projects

1. How involved should I be in the process?

2. How involved will you be in the process?

3. How can my work environment set me apart from my competition?

4. How can the design of my space positively affect things like my company’s attraction/retention rates, employee productivity and work/life balance?

5. What do you see your biggest challenge will be with my project?

6. If you had free reign, what would you design?

7. Can you do 3D renderings to help me visualize the space with the new look?

8. Can you help with furniture and do you have relationships with local dealers that can deliver and install?

9. Do you have relationships with reputable contractors / installers in the area?

10. And everyone’s favorite… Do you mind if my spouse is involved with selecting finishes?