Project Update: 100 Prince

McMillan Pazdan Smith | February 11, 2019

Some of our favorite projects are the ones that build connections and enhance neighborhoods – like this incredible mixed-use, multi-family development in Athens, Georgia. Working with Homes Urban, LLC, we’re transforming the historic St. Joseph’s Catholic Church into a restaurant, surrounded by 110

Year in Review: The top 5 milestone stories of 2018

McMillan Pazdan Smith | January 4, 2019

Pretty awesome to see our Greenville office’s 25th anniversary mentioned as a Top 5 Milestone for 2018! Read more about these milestones in Greenville here!

Designing from Cultural Cues

McMillan Pazdan Smith | July 20, 2018

The Cherokee believe that no person is less than another, a belief that leads to a stigma-free design for healing mentally and physically as a natural extension of care. Following a continuum of care from crisis stabilization to successful re-integration into the tribe is not just the goal but the

A Visit From the Governor

McMillan Pazdan Smith | July 11, 2018

It’s not every day the Governor visits your project! We were thrilled Governor Cooper chose to tour the Community High School renovation project in support of his school bond funding plans. As community-based architects, it’s hard to imagine a project more in line with our mission than this school.

Wofford’s New Indoor Stadium Ranked 9th in State

McMillan Pazdan Smith | July 9, 2018

We are thrilled to learn that the The Post and Courier named Wofford College’s new Jerry Richardson Indoor Stadium the 9th best sports venue in the state of South Carolina! Go Terriers! Check out all the rankings here: