Interior Design Combines Function and Beauty

McMillan Pazdan Smith | October 27, 2014

A well-designed interior environment can make all the difference. Interior design has the power to inspire, enhance and excite. With more than 100 years of combined personnel experience, the Interiors Studio at McMillan Pazdan Smith creates environments that help companies improve their culture,

Acoustics Analysis: Making a Sound Decision

McMillan Pazdan Smith | October 14, 2014

Employees voicing concern about noise in assembly and work areas may have a sound (valid) reason! Because design and construction of assembly areas, offices, and classrooms usually have much in common, the following information is applicable to most acoustical aberrations encountered. Acoustics is

Improving Efficiency: Building Information Modeling

McMillan Pazdan Smith | May 23, 2014

McMillan Pazdan Smith initiated the use of Revit modeling software in 2005 and has completed a vast number of projects varying in complexity and scope.  We recognize Building Information Modeling both as an enhanced technology as well as a process change within the AEC industry.  We strive to use

Hospitality Expertise Creates Unforgettable Experiences

McMillan Pazdan Smith | March 18, 2014

In an “experience economy” such as ours, the design of a clubhouse, restaurant, hotel or other guest amenity provides a lasting impression.  The McMillan Pazdan Smith Hospitality portfolio represents quality of space and a focus on characteristic attributes that create atmosphere and reinforce the

Creative Funding for Public Projects

McMillan Pazdan Smith | February 20, 2014

Planning and design services to guide a community’s public service needs is an important function of McMillan Pazdan Smith as a community-oriented firm. We understand that stewardship of public funds is critical, and that alternative funding methods are often required for success.  Our team has