Designing for College Life in the 21st Century

McMillan Pazdan Smith | January 17, 2017

For many decades, college residence halls have been known for their utilitarian efficiency. In sharp contrast, today’s student housing projects are strikingly similar to commercial mixed-use developments – tightly integrated with their context, including the built, social and natural environments

A New Design for Labor and Delivery

McMillan Pazdan Smith | March 31, 2015

Today’s healthcare market is increasingly driven by individuals empowered to make intelligent decisions for themselves, including women rethinking the traditional birthing experience. In turn, hospitals are beginning to adapt Labor and Delivery spaces that meet this broader spectrum of patient

Why Good Theatre Design is Music to the Ears

McMillan Pazdan Smith | January 5, 2015

Performing Arts Centers are complex facilities architecturally and require a distinctive approach and engagement with professionals in performance acoustics, lighting and theater seating. The McMillan Pazdan Smith process includes a distinct approach to designing for The Arts. As a very specialized

Interior Design Combines Function and Beauty

McMillan Pazdan Smith | October 27, 2014

A well-designed interior environment can make all the difference. Interior design has the power to inspire, enhance and excite. With more than 100 years of combined personnel experience, the Interiors Studio at McMillan Pazdan Smith creates environments that help companies improve their culture,

Acoustics Analysis: Making a Sound Decision

McMillan Pazdan Smith | October 14, 2014

Employees voicing concern about noise in assembly and work areas may have a sound (valid) reason! Because design and construction of assembly areas, offices, and classrooms usually have much in common, the following information is applicable to most acoustical aberrations encountered. Acoustics is